in another life

I could go on and on about my endless list of interests, so I’ll end here. And while I don’t know what any of these careers would look like, what I do know is that I have loads of interests and I hope to pursue them in some shape or form.

a ny minute

Being back in New York was both familiar and unfamiliar, nostalgic and new. Returning to a place that was home for so long, after I’ve made a home somewhere else, is like walking a tight rope of time. 

friends IRL

At these events not only did I get to hear from incredible speakers but more over I got to meet my internet friends IRL. Yes, internet friends-in this case, a group of bad-ass women who I’ve been following on Instagram since I moved to the Bay.

what i know to be true

So instead, I’m going to cheat and simply list out some thoughts that I know to be true post what I quite literally think of as trip of a lifetime. By no means are these ground-breaking or revolutionary thoughts, but this is simply what I keep thinking about post trip.

happy 4th!

Books and bad habits aside, I’m taking this time to slow down and rest up. I plan to spend the day with great friends [as all of my family is back East.] I hope wherever you are that you spend the day with great company.

turning 1

Today, leave a little sparkle turns 1. [Can you believe it? I surely cannot.] One year ago today I published my first post- hello world- and never would I have imagined that leave a little sparkle would come this far.

great finds @ goodwill

When my friends at SF Goodwill reached out to me, I was a little pressed for time. Turns out, Goodwill has an e-commerce store [did you know? I certainly didn’t. I swear it’s their best kept secret.] I found some fabulous pieces [c’mon how regal is that skirt], and I mixed and matched them with some of the pieces already in my wardrobe.

mendocino getaway

I smiled to myself at the thought of embracing the new, caught sight of a beautiful shooting star, and then closed my eyes and let the warmth of the fire and the sounds of the ocean waves crashing on the beach surround me.

this time last year

I wonder where i’ll be this time next year. Maybe still in San Francisco? Or maybe, if the stars align, living abroad in some fabulous city and on another weekend trip with a different group of fabulous friends in, let’s say Paris [because Paris is fabulous.]

row 10

I’m so delighted that I crossed paths with Emily and Nikki. I hope our paths cross again someday- perhaps Nikki and I can go catch a live show of Emily’s sometime. I’d love that. I really would.