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friends IRL

friends IRL


Last week was Fashion Week in San Francisco. [Yes! SF has a fashion week, who knew?!]

So everyday last week there was an event relating to fashion [often at the intersection of tech, of course.]

At these events not only did I get to hear from incredible speakers but more over I got to meet my internet friends IRL. Yes, internet friends-in this case, a group of bad-ass women who I’ve been following on Instagram since I moved to the Bay. We’ve been following each other’s day to day lives for a little over a year now, so we actually know quite a bit about each other- where we’re from, where we work full-time, what we blog about, etc.

I know if my mom is reading this, [and she most definitely is-Hi Mom!], she’s probably freaking out. Remember when your parents would tell you don’t talk to strangers? And most definitely not to meetup with said strangers who you met online because you quite literally don’t know if they are who they say the are. Well, I can’t exactly say I’ve never done that [my mom’s most definitely  texting me right now.] Having moved to San Francisco when the majority of my friends and all of my family are still in New York, I didn’t really have a choice but to try to meet as many people as possible. It just so happened that the best place to meet other bloggers and creatives was online.

DSC09724 (1).jpg

Perhaps the most refreshing part about meeting up with these internet friends is that they are real people too. They too go through the ups and downs of blogging that I do- balancing blogging and a full-time job [one blogger I met has a full- time job, 2 kids, a husband...if that isn’t dedication, I don’t know what is], creating quality content of which we’re proud, the desire to disconnect, and more [much, much more.] It just felt good to feel like I now have this found support system.

I can’t speak for all of my internet friends, but I know I’ll continue to blog for as long as I genuinely enjoy doing it [and you amazing people keep reading!] For now, I’ll just enjoy the ride and continue to build out my creative + fashion community in SF.

Up next- a blogger babe brunch [because you can’t make internet friends and not got to brunch, right?!]


Shirt: Summer & Sage (via Le Tote)//Pants: Banana Republic//Shoes: Banana Republic//Bag: Coach//Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabanna

Photos by: Kim Gant

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