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merry & bright

It may seem overwhelming or even chaotic from the outside, but I couldn’t love this tradition anymore. It’s nothing exotic or fancy, but it’s exactly what I want. Just time to be around my tribe. What are your holiday traditions? Whatever you may be doing to celebrate [or not], I hope you feel how I feel this Christmas Day- merry & bright!

switching it up

 I thought I’d open up to you all a little bit more about what my work days are like at HQ. Over on Instagram, I mentioned that I just completed my first product launch at VidCon. A lot of you then messaged asking me what it means to launch a product and what it’s like working at YouTube. So I figured I'd take some time to do just that.

year 2

So, I have to thank all of you- for reading, subscribing, commenting, liking-all of the things. You all not only make this way more fun and fulfilling, but you make me, this blog, this space, feel validated, and for that I’m forever grateful.

a quick check in

The truth is I’ve started this blog post many times over. I have so many thoughts and follow ups after my last post, but I simultaneously don’t know what to write. So after quite a few drafts, I’ve decided I’m just going to make a list of some of the things that have been running through my mind as of late. A quick check in if you may. Okay? Okay!

a ny minute

Being back in New York was both familiar and unfamiliar, nostalgic and new. Returning to a place that was home for so long, after I’ve made a home somewhere else, is like walking a tight rope of time. 

friends IRL

At these events not only did I get to hear from incredible speakers but more over I got to meet my internet friends IRL. Yes, internet friends-in this case, a group of bad-ass women who I’ve been following on Instagram since I moved to the Bay.

what i know to be true

So instead, I’m going to cheat and simply list out some thoughts that I know to be true post what I quite literally think of as trip of a lifetime. By no means are these ground-breaking or revolutionary thoughts, but this is simply what I keep thinking about post trip.

this time last year

I wonder where i’ll be this time next year. Maybe still in San Francisco? Or maybe, if the stars align, living abroad in some fabulous city and on another weekend trip with a different group of fabulous friends in, let’s say Paris [because Paris is fabulous.]