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up close and personal

up close and personal

When I first started leave a little sparkle, I was most excited for creating a space where I could express myself- where I could create and write about the things that I wanted to talk about. Little did I know that one of my favorite things would be meeting and collaborating with other creatives who have such an astute eye and creative vision and figuring out how their work could come to life on my blog.

Take Quinnton- the photographer but also the creative visionary behind this shoot. We technically met on Instagram first, but the Bay is so small [and even smaller for people of color] so we inadvertently ran into each other irl at a friend’s rooftop party.

When working with a new photographer you’re always taking a gamble [as is the photographer.] You don’t know if you’re compatible- if your creative visions will align, if you work at the same pace on set, and the list goes on. And you can never know until you pull the trigger and actually start shooting. To me, even though this was the first time working together, shooting with Quinnton felt familiar. I didn’t feel a pinch of nerves. And I think that feeling really comes through in his work.

Something about these photos feel up close and personal, so I thought, why not make this post up close and personal- like I’ve never done before. 





I’m sure you can already tell, but I love jewelry. I mean, a little extra sparkle and shine never hurt anyone, right?


arm candy.

As for bracelets- as much as I can fit between my wrist and the end of my shirt’s sleeve the better. These gold bracelets are from Alex and Ani. I’ve been collecting them ever since I was gifted my first one during my junior year of college. Interestingly enough, you see my very first and last additions here- that one with the Penn charm was a graduation present from the 'rents.  

And, if you look closely, that plain gold bangle [one on each wrist] I picked up as a treat on my trip in Crete, Greece.


put a ring on it.

On any given day I’m wearing 2-4 rings. The top ring I picked up from a vendor who was posted up outside of Dolores Park one sunny Saturday afternoon. The bottom ring-The Khartoum Ring by Khiry is one of my favorite rings. Not only is it my favorite because it’s quite literally a piece of art but moreover it’s created by a dear friend who was brave enough to chase his dreams. And I’ll always support my friends and their dreams. This ring and the rest of the beautiful Khiry collection is available at Barneys. [SO proud of you J.]




tall glass 

of water.

This bodysuit [you can’t even tell, right?] I got from Zara, also in Crete, Greece [right before we packed up and headed to Lisbon.] It was tucked away all the way at the back of the store because arguably the pajama shirt trend already came and went. But I just loved the colors, and as soon as I saw it hanging there I immediately knew what I would pair it with...

My mother gifted me these high waisted wide leg pants about 2 years ago. And I never got around to wearing them because I didn’t know what to pair them with. But this body suit, what with the shoulder pads and silk material proved to be perfect compliment to build out this shape.


Shirt: Zara//Pants: Forever 21//Shoes: c/o Marshalls //Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana//Bag: Saturday by Kate Spade// Bracelets: Alex and Ani// Ring: Khiry

So, Quinnton- thank you for pushing me to create outside of the lines [that I apparently drew for myself] and for trusting me with your art. I couldn't be happier with the magic we created.

Photos by: Quinnton Harris

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something's changed

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