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twenty five

I couldn’t be more excited for the chapter that lies ahead. A chapter that in so many ways I still can’t believe is here and is real because it’s quite literally a dream come true.

25, here’s to making dreams come true!

a magical albeit whirlwind january

I decided to take everything day by day [literally on some days, hour by hour] and list out what tasks needed to get done on certain days as I often wasn’t in the same city within the upcoming 48 hours. And you know what, I’m so happy I did. Because it allowed me to fully appreciate the magical albeit whirlwind that was January, including 2 trips I’ll never forget!

merry & bright

It may seem overwhelming or even chaotic from the outside, but I couldn’t love this tradition anymore. It’s nothing exotic or fancy, but it’s exactly what I want. Just time to be around my tribe. What are your holiday traditions? Whatever you may be doing to celebrate [or not], I hope you feel how I feel this Christmas Day- merry & bright!

Real Talk: Goodbye, San Francisco

My relationship with SF has had its highs and its lows from the very beginning; I’ve talked about that a lot here, and after 2 ½ years I’m ready to say goodbye. So I decided to write a letter to put into words the journey I’ve had over the last 2+ years. What follows is pretty personal and honest. These are my opinions as a result of my own personal experiences and  in no way do I mean to discourage others or come off as negative. I’m just keeping it real.

switching it up

 I thought I’d open up to you all a little bit more about what my work days are like at HQ. Over on Instagram, I mentioned that I just completed my first product launch at VidCon. A lot of you then messaged asking me what it means to launch a product and what it’s like working at YouTube. So I figured I'd take some time to do just that.

love is love

I don’t know if in the blogger book of rules I’m supposed to maintain my cool, but I’m going to have to break the rules for a hot second because 1) I couldn’t be happier to partner with one of my ALL TIME favorite brands and 2) for a cause that I hold dear to my heart.

1) The brand? Banana Republic

2) The cause? LGBTQ rights [even though I just really want to say love.]

year 2

So, I have to thank all of you- for reading, subscribing, commenting, liking-all of the things. You all not only make this way more fun and fulfilling, but you make me, this blog, this space, feel validated, and for that I’m forever grateful.