twenty five

I couldn’t be more excited for the chapter that lies ahead. A chapter that in so many ways I still can’t believe is here and is real because it’s quite literally a dream come true.

25, here’s to making dreams come true!

a magical albeit whirlwind january

I decided to take everything day by day [literally on some days, hour by hour] and list out what tasks needed to get done on certain days as I often wasn’t in the same city within the upcoming 48 hours. And you know what, I’m so happy I did. Because it allowed me to fully appreciate the magical albeit whirlwind that was January, including 2 trips I’ll never forget!

merry & bright

It may seem overwhelming or even chaotic from the outside, but I couldn’t love this tradition anymore. It’s nothing exotic or fancy, but it’s exactly what I want. Just time to be around my tribe. What are your holiday traditions? Whatever you may be doing to celebrate [or not], I hope you feel how I feel this Christmas Day- merry & bright!

Real Talk: Goodbye, San Francisco

My relationship with SF has had its highs and its lows from the very beginning; I’ve talked about that a lot here, and after 2 ½ years I’m ready to say goodbye. So I decided to write a letter to put into words the journey I’ve had over the last 2+ years. What follows is pretty personal and honest. These are my opinions as a result of my own personal experiences and  in no way do I mean to discourage others or come off as negative. I’m just keeping it real.