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switching it up

switching it up


Well, firstly, I think I need to officially dub these my YouTube pants? Am I right or am I right? How cool are they?-- I got them a little while back from Bloomingdales [on sale, of course], and they still make me so happy.


these pants doe

If you can’t already tell, I’m switching things up a little for this post. For starters, this whole outfit. I feel like I’ve never served such streetwear vibes before on the blog [or ever?] When I first put this outfit together, I almost set it aside because it didn’t quite “fit” with the rest of my posts. But then I reminded myself that this space is for me to create, and there should be no boundaries to that creativity--especially not ones that I seemingly put on myself.

Secondly, in the spirit of all things YouTube, I thought I’d open up to you all a little bit more about what my work days are like at HQ. Over on Instagram, I mentioned that I just completed my first product launch at VidCon. A lot of you then messaged asking me what it means to launch a product and what it’s like working at YouTube. So I figured I'd take some time to do just that.


For those of you who don’t know, VidCon is, yes, a video conference for those “who love and make online video”--so creators, fans, and brands alike. I hadn’t heard of this conference prior to working at YouTube, but apparently a bajillion other screaming fans have. [Similar to how most of you likely haven’t heard of Create & Cultivate, a popular conference amongst bloggers and other content creators that I’ll be attending in August!]

YouTube, of course, has a huge presence at Vidcon. My current team specifically works on the main app YouTube experience think of how you use YouTube everyday.] We launch products, features, and new experiences in the main app that will be beneficial to both you and your favorite creators. So it’s pretty cool to think about how we can shape the experiences of a platform that you and I both use and love.

For instance, the launch I worked on was for a new feature called Premieres. In non technical speak, this feature would allow you to say, set a reminder to watch Beyonce’s newest video as soon as she releases it on YouTube. That way you and all the other Beystans can watch it together [potentially with Bey herself too!] and fangirl together. Doesn’t that sound like a match made in heaven? The last thing I’ll add is that in order to pull this off, it requires extensive collaboration between the engineers, the product manager, to the User Experience (UX) leads, the creative agency who creates all the assets, PR, YouTube creators and their managers, and of course across the marketing team. So a truly team effort. And it's been amazing to see it all come together.

I’ll stop my rambling there, but I hope that paints a better picture of what my days are like at YouTube. Do let me know if you guys want to know more [or if it’s honestly just a corporate bore.] Always looking to know what else you guys want to hear about!


Top: Hunter x Target// Pants: Bloomingdales; Shoes: ALDO; Bag: Coach; Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana

Photos by: Stan Schor

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