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Here's to 2018!

Here's to 2018!


And like that, another year is in the books. I took yesterday, the inaugural day of the year, to reflect back on the year that has passed. [I have to say, I really love that feeling that you get where everything feels possible-within reach. I know this probably doesn’t make much sense, but the closest I can describe it to is like feeling infinite. Anyone else hear what I'm saying?]

Truthfully, 2017 was quite a year for me. It was my first full year in San Francisco. And given my new found thoughts on New York, SF really is starting to feel more like home. So much so that I’m planning to stick around for a little while longer (don’t worry I still plan to hop across the pond to London- just a little later than I had originally expected.) I have since moved to a warm home in my new favorite neighborhood- Hayes Valley- and that has made a world of difference. [Now, it’s time to decorate. Gallery wall anyone?]

2017 was also my first full year of blogging. Quite honestly, blogging has been the gift that keeps on giving. Between meeting new creatives in the city, collaborating with incredibly talented photographers [including new photographer friends that brought you this HOT pink dazzler, this silky pajama top look-seemingly one of your favorites, and this polka dot number-one of my favorites; thank you to Amjed, Quinnton, and Rachel for the magic that you created], and working with brands-including my first ever brand partnership with Goodwill and rounding out the year with Le Tote [where this lovely one shoulder get up is from. Be sure to use my code 'QUEENREVELYN' to get 50% off your first box! Real talk, Le Tote is the only subscription service I have stumbled upon and stuck with. So give it a try and tell me what you think!]

IMG_9432 copy.jpg

But more importantly, I want to thank all of you for following along- for your comments, your messages, and all of your support. Never could I have imagined the community I’d form on the interwebs, and it’s been one of the many reasons I continue to create. It still surprises (and excites) me how many times you message after reading a post telling me about how you are working through the same feelings or thinking the same thoughts [please keep reaching out and always feel free to drop me a line! If you know me, you know I love to talk.]

In 2018, expect more of the same-more stories, more travels, more creativity, and, of course with a little more sparkle! But also expect some new things too. Like what, you ask? Like video-after all, I do work at YouTube, so it only seems fitting. I think it would be a cool creative challenge to try to capture stories by other means outside of photography.

Here’s to another year of self-discovery, growth, exploration, and, of course, self love.

Here’s to 2018.


Dress: London Times (via Le Tote)//Shoes: Cape Robbin (via Marshalls)

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to be continued

to be continued

something's changed

something's changed