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west village tings

west village tings


This week marks my fourth week as a West Village resident. And while I’m still getting the hang of things, like creating a morning routine [I’m restarting on my meditation journey with Headspace] or still getting furniture for my apartment [I swear most of my free time is spent buying things for apartment, browsing things for my apartment, or returning things for my apartment..no lie] I have to say it really does feel nice to have some sort of routine, even if really small, and a home base where, well, I can call home.

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I’m still new to the neighborhood and have so many spots to check out, but there are already some favorites that I love about my new hood. For one, I love the convenience. Because NYC public transportation is, you know, accessible [buh bye muni/BART] I can pretty much get, well, anywhere. Whether that be up to Harlem where one of my besties [and her puppy Cairo] live or across to Williamsburg for a birthday/housewarming party [even w/o the L train!!] or to Brooklyn and Queens for some family time for my grandpa’s birthday [happy 75th birthday!] It’s just all really convenient. I mean, that and my 7 minute walk to work :)

Another favorite- doggies galore. If you know me, you know i looovveeee dogs [faves include golden doodles (!!!) and golden retrievers (!!!) but anything- labradoodles, labs, pitbulls- I’m pretty easy going]. It makes my whole day on my way to work when I get to pet a good doggie. [7 min walk sometimes turns into 10 to 15 depending on how many doggy stops we make-#noshame]

In many ways West Village reminds me of Hayes Valley, my old hood in SF.

And can I just say thank god for daylight savings? I really feel like a different person leaving the office when it’s still bright out. So now,  instead of heading for the gym after work, I opt to for a lovely run along the pier. I’ve caught some beautiful sunsets across the Hudson River overlooking Hoboken a couple of times now. I have to say it’s quite magical [and another favorite.]

And finally, this architecture. Sometimes, when I’m walking, it feels like a small little suburb in the middle of somewhere else and I almost forget that I’m in New York. Something about the brick and the cobblestone all feel so very mystical to me.

Okay brb...I’ve got a tv to mount, a coffee table to find and assemble, and a desk chair to put together as well. See, I wasn’t joking. This is literally my life now. But for so many reasons, I wouldn’t change a thing.


Shirt: Zara//Pants: Adam Lippes// Shoes: Nine West//Bag: Coach//Blazer: ModCloth (gifted)

Photos by: Sandia Ashley

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