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twenty five

twenty five


Something about this birthday feels different...

Maybe it’s because I just moved back to NEW YORK from San Francisco…?

Maybe it’s because I’m currently still living in temporary housing and won’t move into my fabulous West Village apartment on Friday…? [*pinch me*]

Maybe it’s because in the last 3 weeks since moving to New York, I’ve spent 1 week in SF and now 3 days in LA-where I’m writing to you from today…?

Maybe it’s because I’m still settling into this new role where I get to combine my passion with my full-time job as the Go-To-Market Lead for Public Figures and Fashion & Beauty here at YouTube [eeeep!!!]…?


I couldn’t put my finger on it but then I realized there is loads of change happening right now [all GOOD change, but still, lots of transition]. And then I realized something else. It’s not just change. It’s a change where I feel like I’m stepping into the life I’ve always wanted. You know when you’ve always had that picture in the back of your mind of what you want or where you want to be or who you want to be when you grow up. Like that. And the crazy part is, it’s only the beginning.

To be honest, looking back, 24 was a tough year in many ways for me, some of which I’ve shared with you here. But 24 was also a critical chapter of growth for me. I did a lot of feeling, thinking, journaling, and learning about what makes me happy [and what makes me unhappy], what’s important to me, what things I want to prioritize, and it goes on and on. And you know what, all that growing is what crystallized into not only where I am today but who I am today.

I couldn’t be more excited for the chapter that lies ahead. A chapter that in so many ways I still can’t believe is here and is real because it’s quite literally a dream come true.

25, here’s to making dreams come true!


Dress: Marchesa (via Rent the Runway); Earrings: Slate & Willow (via Rent the Runway)

west village tings

west village tings

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